The Situation

Apr 9, 2012, 3:11 PM |

No, this is not that sculpted man from Jersey Shore. No, this is the situation. An idea that I just came up with.

There are Kings and Queens on the board only. Again, sorry this is not normal chess but there are 5 queens and 2 kings. 5 queens meant to attack the other side of the board. 2 Kings meant to run for their lives. The only problem is that when you move to a square you freeze a queen. Okay, there is still attacking and this seems to be a WIP (Work in Progress) but at least it is out there to be critiqued and improved upon. The object is to kill the Kings with the queens. But again I am just making this up.

Offer up some ideas so I don't become the town blog fool. Come on this community is creative. I just built the foundation and now it is time to lay down the mortar.

I like the freeze concept let's expand on that . Perhaps, add more pieces to the mix. I love Rooks so will throw in 3 rooks.

Okay, well it is up to you to help with the rest.