The Water Fall

Oct 9, 2016, 12:16 PM |

Drip, drip, drip. Was it a water fountain?

Drip, drip--DRIP! Was it a refrigirator?

Drip, drip, drip , For fuck's sake was it some sort of crazy -ass bird feeder that was leaking?

There was no more drips. It was just a smell of a trickle and at this house it was just a small waterfall. But it irritated Jess. 
That goddamn bullshit she thought as she closed the drips. It was 1830 and she didn't care. But something about the waterfall was pecuilar. A crest up top looked Masonic in nature but had a green eye. It was as if Sauron stared down from the heavens or maybe her soul. She was an orphan...and St. Belph's never made her feel secure. The orphans didn't give a shit about her. And on the other side of where she lived was a thicket. But there was a really frail swing set. The rope touched her fingers and instantly she charged into a connection. The other kids Lucifer, Isoceles and Clyde always chided her. She didn't give two shits. She swang and let the rope give  her a rope burn and she forcefully rubbed the swing set to immense pain. She hated it here. The boy had blue shorts and a tweedle dee hat. "Hey Jess why are you stupid?" he said. She retorted violently with volcanic force. "You see that bird up there I am going to kill it, and I hope it poops and lands on your face!" Jess said. "Well I bet you a bill note you don't do it. I bet you the world of your mother's tit, or dead mother's tit, you don't have the gall to do it." Jess's eyes rolled back in her head. Where there had been color  of green had now softened to look like snow. She aimed and uttered some words and with the full wind force guided the bird to dive bomb Clyde. With taking a fetal position Clyde cried out as the black bird slammed into his pudgy face. Jess smiled,  "See you bully, see that's what you get testing the will of me! See, you asshole that's what you get for calling me names daily, we all don't have parent's and are orphans...and you think I am going to take this lightly?" she said. Clyde started pouring out tears like the waterfall in front of the orphanage. He ran into jess tripped. And fell flat on his mug. Jess smiled viciously and Clyde darted and dodged kids and found his way inside the green door. Jess meanwhile sat on the swing looking up at the sky. She contemplated life on that old swing set and mostly wondered about the bird. She examined it and knealt. It limped a bit and then made then ascended towards the blackened clouds, which now transmorphed into wispy white clouds. Jess swung for a few minutes more. She wasn't feared but always made a laughing stock. Jess Whitmore 'the poor' is what they called her. But she had no affects. She had nothing except her runny blood red dress, a purple bow and stifling red hair. She had no friends. But she grew comfortable with her power. After swingng she addily walked up to the green door and went inside...