The White Room

The White Room

Mar 5, 2017, 8:22 PM |


We at this very moment think of it.

We are a collective.

This is a white room.

Consciousness wafts throughout but you aren't insane are you? But do you exist?

You think therefore you are? Existentially, are you provident of what is going on?

No, I did not think so.

There is a coffee cup in the corner. Pick it up. No, I am not Morpheus. Are you?

Don't pick up Plato's book. Put that down. Please.

This is a white room. This is a white room. A WHITE ROOM.

Dig within yourself and hear the tune of your heart beat, check your pulse. .. repeat. Please repeat.

Then silent. I said nothing. Drink the coffee fine.

Time has not ended. Did you make time up? Do you have SPD? Fuck you! I am a room and you are a human. I don't have to like you. No, I am not GLADOS. Did you make that invention finally. Put on that red tie please. Just do it. Don't talk back. There is no table. You aren't in a dream . This is your perceptive reality. Is it? Go get that bronze watch please. You are going to be late. Go do it. hurry. Slick back your black hair . Don't grab the comb. There is no mirror. You look like Sinatra.

Don't light that cigarette...err cigar. Don't do that. The boss will not be happy. This is not Fight Club. Stop making those movie references. Stay here.

Wait, no -- go.


You look great and the boss will be happy. Stop!-- think of this  existential con flux. Keep it smart.  Keep talking for this position. Impress them. Make theme ruminate your worth. Okay--good to go!

GO ! 

Wait, drink the coffee . I lied.

Okay, now Go! 

No , don't drop it on yourself. Do I have to do everything for your incompetent self? Just go! I mean or not. Stay here bro. Just stay here and stew in your own juices. Don't move or anything. 5 mins?

You got this. Just you and me in this white room. GO! GO! GO!

You humans are odd. Do you follow directions? AND NOW YOU ARE ASLEEP. Confound you being!

Please just go  now. The CEO wants you now.

Finally, you moved.

I mean we did lure you with a hamburger. Okay, that was all it took? SHARI BRING THE NEXT ONE IN...


Please try playing this music with my crazy writing **

1. Sky High - FreeTEMPO [00:00 to 04:18]  (MIX BY MITTENS)


Coffee Image by Fancy Coffee Cup Stock Vector - Image: 57754894


It goes fairly well.


If not that is fine too. Thanks for reading.