The Winds Blew Harshly Most Nights

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                                        The Winds Blew Harshly Most Nights

It was a small town. The winds blew harshly most nights. But as any teen would think or know the setting was as such.

The town in big brown ugly letters was you guessed it on a water tower. Welcome to Holyoke Crest And with that who was in the town? A lot of people I suppose but there was so much to it. There was Gandhi's Convenience Store. Oh! And the population was something like maybe 20,000 people. There was the Orioles mechanic shop. There was Bethany's Cakes and Things. There was Mordecai's Modernism and that was the only art gallery in town. There was shoppete's here in and there. There was Multony's Market, you could get a hind quarter of horse there or even some goat if imported that week. Oh, and it stank. As most meat markets do.  For the high schoolers, there was one 30 x 30 mall. Was that mall just called Jim's? What an odd name for a mall. There was no name like Jim. And why was it not called Jims Complexia or Complex? Either way the town did not have much and what it did have was like a hybrid farm, suburbia feels to it.  The natives really loved their rigmarole. But our story soon begins to envelop. Oh, and me the narrator. I am a no name...

"She is so damn pretty," Corbin said. Corbin looked at a purely tall specimen of a girl, her name --Blake Manfortein group. And yeah she was the fucking queen bee. What if she was an actual bee? What if she, in fact, stung every boy she came into contact with? What if she had big extremely smoky black eyes. The thoughts were eerie.  "Flower, why did have to talk like that and now you got me in the boys all riled up," Rydel said.  --Before we make heads or tails of what is going here is a cracker of hints, background if you will.


So Corbin Kajolst is your typical tall-ass jock. His crony is Rydel Garrentine and he is equal as jocky as his counterpart. But they are not the worst of people in Holyoke. 


"Rydel so do you think you guys are going through pack initiation today?" said Blake. "Well, I mean we really want to but we have a big practice and coach was freaking out on Meltats the other day, seriously how the shit does a center have that much issues, snapping the football?" Corbin said candidly. "Dude, lay off a little bit. We got him through a transfer from  Olden County, answer me this bruh, how the shit-- is Olden County's mascot literally a box of milk. He's got like red eyes and dances on the sideline and he's so damned lame." Rydel said. "Well boys me and the ladies need to go to Clarkman's Boutique and then actually to Boyson's Hardware Store for a physics project. Have a great one. And if you do initiation you don't have my number. Just you my sister Derry. She will pick up. Temper , temper boys." she said seductively as she brought her bottom to her top lip which had deep purple lipstick on it. She was also wearing a white shirt with white shorts.


"C-dawg we need to jet and get going." Rydel said. Also the day was winding down but they needed to head back to class. It was about 2p.m. or so and practice was at 4. Also, the only reason they were able to escape Gym class was they told the teacher Terrance Ham that they were doing a project on how the effect of ice cream was actually a good thing. Ham was not strict at all. Someone would actually call his ass lazy. And he was . Many days in gym class where the students would just dick around doing nothing, when they were supposed to be playing dodge ball . Instead they were texting the other friends on Instagram and fucking around. Instead of physical education it was the laziest education they'd received. And Ham was not the right man for the job because he was a bloated quill fish. Yikes!

Corbin and Rydel headed back up through town and school was about 4 or 5 minutes out. They ran relatively fast as the wind proceeded to blow. Corbin and Rydel finally arrived at the school. Grant Academy had large white letters on the front door. And it looked a bit older but the letters were always white. Even when they were dirty they were a pristine white. It was odd.

The boys ran down the hall into the next class. They both had blue jeans and one had a grey shirt and the other a green shirt. It was not anything fancy. Both kids though were fairly stacked for being sophomores. They were both muscular and had semi light complexions. Corbin had dark yellow eyes and Rydel had bright green eyes. Corbin's hair always remained long for some god awful reason. Sort of like he was going for a man bun but it failed. But the girls gave no shits. Rydel on the other hand always rocked a faux hawk.

"Rydel and Corbin you two damned knuckleheads are 2 minutes late. "said Mrs. Trajectory. "Wait, I thought class started in two minutes." Rydel chimed in. "Uh, yeah you guys are sophomores and class starts at the same time every day. Get it together Rydel!" Mrs. Trajectory said. "Okay, since ya'll are indeed late we are doing some tough math today. So I need you to find the derivative of yellow." she barked. "The derivative of yellow? Teach what are you talking about?" Rydel said. "Yes, the derivative of yellow. Screw the color for now RYDEL just represent yellow as y, yeesh." she said.

Rydel now looking down at the floor did not want to even attempt to go to the smart board. His face screamed embarrassment. And even now his palms were crying. So he gulped some courage and approached the board. The board was gleaming and was glossy black but there was some iridescent business going on there. Rydel reached out and took the stylus and he picked blue. For some reason he was comfortable with the color blue. He started writing out an equation . From across the room a peer started shouting something obscene. "Rydel are you that friggin stupid." Quinn heckled. "Shut your mouth Quinn." Mrs. Trajectory said. " Your answer x over t + m=x is wrong but do you know why." Mrs. Trajectory said. The class fell silent. 

"Because there is no t in math?" Rydel said. "No it is because t is not a constant in which can be null in this case, Rydel." Corbin said. "Very good, one knuckle head has grey matter." Mrs. Trajectory said.  Rydel's claws started to show because of the anger as it ripped through his first set of finger nails, and now his normal hair was starting to shed and new hair popped out. "Rydel no transformations in class out of anger or hate." Mrs. Trajectory said. Rydel felt very defeated and he walked solemnly back to his desk. "Psst...Rydel you tried."Corbin said silently. "Class, we will be reviewing this subject before our big test next week." Mrs. Trajectory said. "Oh and I need you to study algebra for a refresher as well. Oh and study groups will be commencing at the same time tomorrow." Mrs. Trajectory said.

Corbin walked out of the door and went to his locker. He got to it and pulled out all of his books he needed to study for. But his werewolf how to guide was also there and without being embarrassed he pulled it out and put it into his backpack.


                                                            Initiation? chapter 2       

Corbin woke up from a nightmare. And of all things it was a cat that was chasing him and it was relentless. Every corner he turned the cat was there. The cat stared at him even when he phased into walls. It was there just screwing with him. Who did he know that had a cat? His uncle Rupert may have but it had been ages since he went to that farm. His mom's sister Gala had a cat as well. It was one of those Calico cats . Was it that he was nervous about his history exam? Was it just that he hated felines?

Either way he was sweating profusely and he pulled on his chest a little bit. He thought this for sure was going to trigger a small transformation. Yeah, that bullshit about him transforming and getting hairy during full moons was a lore. In fact, his mama Yellish had told him they were a wives tale. But in the 1800's yeah it was highly plausible because in those days the  moon was likened to a heavy magnet, it drew energy to the clan of the Carpenter Wolves. A clan that existed in those days and actually got along with other paranormal creatures. In fact, they made full-on blood packs with the Grater, Belheit, and Berserker clans. Yellish was a descendent from the Carpenter clans but they  were fairly docile. Only when they had to war would they.  But he figured he had some sort of Carpenter blood.  The moon though for modern day werewolves would not do much. In fact, Rydel had contacted Corbin the other day through telepathy. Yes, this was the next evolutionary step for these wolves. Corbin's whole family were werewolves. Though, Corbin had problems with his mom because his worthless father had to go questing in Bulgaria and told his wife he'd be back, he'd make damn sure about it. He said they had to fight the Athtakar Golems, and not only this they were looking for a map to actually wipe out more golem encampments. Corbin thought it was  a bunch of bullshit.

The time on his alarm clock read 8 a.m. Shit, he had to go to school and the knock his mom did was unpleasant to his ears.  "Mom, I am up. I swear." Corbin said. "Corbin open the door I have to give you your laundry, oh and you need to walk your sister home today." Yellish said. " What? But I have study group and football practice today."Corbin said. "This is not a negotiation." Yellish said through the door.

Corbin's room was very messy. His shirts were thrown onto a chair. Dolmans wrappers piled to the top near his covers.  He had water cups scattered as well. In fact, there was more than one. There was like three or four blue cups worth. He had posters of metal bands on his wall as well. "Today, Corbin, today." Yellish stammered. "Fine, I am opening the door. Can we have eggs for breakfast?" Corbin said.

"Yes." his mom said.

Corbin walked down the stairs and made it to the table. He was blurry eyed and not with it.

"Corbin, here I just made these." Yellish said.

"Mom, why doesn't the moon mean much to us anymore. And what is dad really doing in Bulgaria." Corbin said.

"Kiddo, aw shit! I just  burnt the eggs." Yellish said.

"Mom I am super hungry and just give them to me." Corbin said.

Corbin stuffed the eggs into his face at a million miles an hour. The clock on the microwave read 7:58a.m. He took another serving and smashed that in faster.

"Corbin , slow down or you're gunna choke." Yellish said.

With a mouthful of eggs he mumbled something. "Arrfgight"

Corbin followed his mom out and his sister who was a skinny thing popped out of the room. She had a purple pants and a purple hoodie. "MOM! Where are my damned eggs." Cassie said. Her hair was teased up and was mightily blond with a cute red bow. She had purple eyes and a very youthful complexion but no dimples. Her hair was shorter than most girls at Grant Academy.

"Kids in the car right nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww." Yellish said.

"Mom I am grabbing a banana muffin and banana because you screwed me this morning." Cassie said.

"Fine. Get your damn butts in the car." Yellish yelled.

They all hopped into the silver Lexus and took off to the academy.