There it was and then it wasn't

Aug 20, 2014, 2:39 PM |

An ethereal being whisped its way into a crazy direction.

I am not sure which way it went. Nor were the townspeople of such an occurrence.

It wasn't an occurrence. It was a whispy -creamy ethereal torgulus. These creatures or beings were always seen in the whispy woods of White Forest. A place no one ventured. And it reminded me of the Hufflelump from Whinnie the Pooh. They had this story of the unknown. They were told in the legends that a great Huffleump existed and would thunder down when it stepped, causing vibrations in the ground. Tigger, Pooh , and of course Eeyore went to go Huffleump catching. And I would say that part of the story revolved around the Hufflelump...the baby becoming friends with Roo. Ya know the Kangaroo.

So but it is the element of the unknown that's quite stirring.

We live life with this idea that were safe and cozy in the norm and in routine. But we freak out when the great and mysterious, the rather ominous unknown attacks us. Shrouds us and otherwise shows or doesn't show us what the future is. The unknown can be scary and uncertain and fun.

          When you were younger a townsperson did see a whisp. It was a cool autumn night and the leaves crackled under his feet. His feet were green and furry. He however was a friendly Khafilitia a race that was not so ancient. He trounced the ground. But there was something else there. There was a little boy about 7 or 8 named Gerald. Gerault. There we can change the name to make it sound French. Gerault was not looking around for much when he discovered a large blackened muck pit. So black that charcoal in its own form would compare less to this pit. So black that hells culling and abyss were not formidable here. And so black that if you filled a red paint can around the pit you could not fill it up. The darkness was very dark. The leaves fell off the trees with pace. They were pink, red, yellow and bronze. The setting was not only dark but hella moist. So moist in fact that the dew that sprang on trees was a decent, aqua blue water source for the  Khafilitia . He ventured just beyond a small grove and shook down a small tree. The dew was just enough to capture in his skinned Grapple Beararian Pouch. He knitted it yester morning. His water was decent and he took a sip. It did ultimately quench his thirst. As he looked onward he had never seen a human before. The prospect fascinated him. His name or this particular  Khafilitia was named Ardus. Ardus was friendly and loving. He was the last of his kind but didn't give two damns. He did observe the small boy amiably looking at the muck pit. The little boy was out of place. He was frail and very purple. You see  Khafilitias don't see like you and I . Their color spectrum makes human's purple. So Ardus looked onwards and saw the little boy reaching for something. The muck pit was two yards from him. The darkness swelled but yet Ardus's curiosity swelled. The muck pit just sat there. Not really moving. And if you tried to stir the mud pit   with a stick, where the hell did the stick go? What wonders lie here?

Ardus decided to go through he foliage so carefully as to not be spotted. The little boy like the fool that he was... Garault decided it was wiser for him to just explore the pit from a distance. Then that's when it started.....the ethereal being came out of the pit and shot straight in the air. It bellowed something and levitated.

The little boy was frightened and hid behind a large blue mossy rock.

Ardus was not afraid and he ventured closer to the muck. The little boy wet himself from being so scared. The pee trickled into the pit which otherwise enraged the ethereal being.

The being started talking " Little boy and  Khafilitia  I know you're both here. We ethereal beings can sense others in the area. We can hear better than any other creature. Why have you come to disturb the muck? We cultivate a great deal spirits within this pit and we also are peaceful. Unless, provoked like King Bee's we will not attack. 

I ask again why have you come." 

          The little boy told the being. "I don't know what you are. Nor have I ever seen your kind. I have no family and was orphaned when I was two. My parents died just beyond the Yotten Grove. They were killed by huge creatures known as Gaffers. I wanted to know what you were." Also I seek the Yotten progtation fruit. The one's the ancients told my people about." - he said with eyes hesitant to the light. The illumination of the ethereal being was too much to bare. The little boy covered his eyes with a soft cheese cloth. It was red and did the trick.

Ardus lunged forwards to the pit and stopped dead in his tracks.

The ethereal being answered again. "I have a name. My name is Torriby. My kind has been around longer than either of you. I know now that you weren't meant to come here. And it is here in the muck pit that you will not venture. Not only is it the blackest of nights in there but it is not worth your time. But I can grant you something. A decatur nut in exchange for your willingness to bring me something back. We ethereal spirits were told of a lantern in the Yashnari Mountains. Bring me back the golden lamp of Iptus and I may grant you passage."

Adventure stuck in the front of Ardus and Garault's mind. But as I mentioned before Ardus lunged forward and stopped dead in his tracks. He hit the hills of Garault and he went spiraling towards the pit. The ethereal being decided to let him live and shot a whispy current upwards shooting Garault to the bank with a thud.

          It was here and now that Garault was startled by this monstrous green beast known as a Khafilitia. Ardus stood 8 feet tall and was very clumsy. He was green and furry like Grover from Seasame Street. Yet he had orange teeth that were gnashers. He had green furry hands and was very naked. Yet the boy was less frightened because he had read stories of Ardus's kind helping the Yashnari people.

Garault however had black shorts and white overalls. He had the same color that an Oreo has. And the oddest things of odds were that he held a balloon in his right hand . It was a bronze balloon and could grant little Garault travel from one location to the other.

Ardus asked "Human how does the balloon work?'

Garault snapped his white overalls and said "Green monster it works like this. I tug on the string and I can fly anywhere I want, given that I have enough string. Don't you see my black backpack silly monster?"

Ardus said "Human I do see the backpack. What's inside of the backpack."

Garault said as he looked the monster dead in the eyes. "It is a backpack full of string and sandwiches and of course dewian water. I must maintain enough string for my balloon. If I run out of string the balloon will not work." he said bashfully.

Ardus proposed the two should team up and find the lantern of Iptus.

Ardus grabbed Garault and Garult grabbed the balloon string with his skinny finger and he tugged. Also, Garault was a very pale child. This came from where he had lived the Yettarian Fields which were next to the Yashanari Mountains.

As Garault tugged the string the bronze balloon whisked them both high into the clouds.  Garault said, " Green Monster what lies where we go? I haven't the foggiest but I am glad you're accompanying me on such an  adventure. To many perils and adventure our heart's will seek." he said with a smile.

The sun beat down on the muck pit. The bronze, purple, and blue leaves fell from the tree near the muck bank.

The winds howled and darkened rain started pouring down on the pit.