May 23, 2014, 4:09 PM |

The thunder wailed in all of the night. The black smoky clouds gathered to smack a huge thunder clap. It clapped so loud Aiden looked on.

This was a world with lots of lightining. Stark flashes streaked across the sky. The hollow trees swayed back in forth like some Japanese patty field.

Was there an invisible force? Who the hell knew? Aiden didn't care about the supernatural or "invisible forces." He decided to hop onto a rock and watch the orchestral thunderstorm. Each clap hitting a perfect note and terrfying all the besetter twins in the village of Landia.

He did however jump off the very rock he sat on and tumbled into the mud. The rain beat heavily and the claps happened faster and faster. He dashed as muddy as he was through the grouped and clustered brambles and high tailed it to his house. He slammed the door and approved of his movement. It was here that was home. Slog on the stove. And hominy chunks near the fire. His parents slept and so did his sister Svetty. He was damp but also dripping . How did that work?

He ate some slog and then stormed out the front door. His father screamed "Damnit, kid stop slamming the garos door." He galavanted again and let the rain hit him. He could not avoid it. He ran as fast as he could counting the numerous thunder claps. Clappity...clappity...BOOM! One hit so close to this old oak it shook him for a minute. He breathed heavily and hauled ass into the galor cave.