May 14, 2017, 9:06 PM |

I just finished Trigun.


The story was good and easily will make the top 10 anime of all time. The ending was very interesting.


I love Vash the Stampede. He is iconic for a lot of reasons. He is just a dude in a red coat that is goofy but doesn't want to kill. It'd be like Batman in a red coat. But Vash is not afraid of bats.  He is very flawed and he is hilarious. He loves to drink and he causes heaps of destruction wherever his black boots tread.

Goddamn is he great! Not only that but there is a good 'ole host of other great characters in the show. Wolfwood his other homie is a preacher with a conondromous  life style. He is a preacher but he seems to kill when it is necessary. And he has a bad-as-fuck cross weapon gun. Holy shit that thing was sweet. Even the bad guys are varied and have their own problems.

And then there is Knives. An eglomaniac jack-ass that wants to kill everyone. Also, Vash's bro which is weird. Because I was led to believe they were clones. Maybe not. But I want to believer they were different sides of a crazy coin.

Watch Trigun. It was excellent. The animation was old of course. That fucking anime' is from the goddamn 90s. It was made in fucking 1998. I think.

So good! 

Sad to see it end but happy I can go onto other animes. Paronia Agent?  Tokyo Ghoul? Parasyte? Good goddamn there are a lot.

Until next post.