Why Hip-Hop is not just rap.

Mar 3, 2015, 2:58 PM |

Hip-hop is not just a cultural movement but a microcosm of culture.

It is not just KRS-One, NAS, M.O.P, Tech N9NE or any other artist.

This would be equated to the sum of its parts. But there lies different issues inside of Hip Hop.

KRS-One in in this was is known as a Hip-Hop Scholar. Watching a video on KRS-One and his scholarly knowledge is a wake up call.

We live sometime in a one channel society. Where our channels work like this. We just recieve information from the media and movies. Yet we can't really accept this information because of the source. The media is there to promulgate fear to us. We are driven by fear people. So KRS-One had a great little theory or study. He said at the public education level we are being fed bullshit. I tend to agree. He says that culture in essence comes from individuals. He said to learn Hip-Hop to be a scholar there is sacrifice. You have to be willing to be goddamn Hip-Hop all the time. And he's right. To be in a culture you have to live the culture. You have to. 


So then he got into a really good discussion of the roots of Hip-Hop. There will be a preface with this idea that I took a class called Language and Society and this was a small piece of it. He's right again.

He's lived it.


Just something interesting to understand. Even if you're an outsider and don't understand Hip-Hop.

The below video explains it by the man himself, KRS-ONE