Why One Piece can only get better

Jun 12, 2015, 1:28 AM |

Luffy and the crew seem to just be facing challenge after challenge.

With us in life the crew faces sickness and defeats. And yet they truck on fully to the horizon. With every trial they defeat it.

They of course, have problems with a bunch of hilarious issues. Yet, they are humble and ridiculous in their approach. I have seen Luffy from episode 1 just grow a million times over. With his fight with Crocodile introspectively you see a changed and highly determined Luffy. Sanji is stronger too. Usoppo has more courageous exploits. Nami has budged a little bit and doesn't feel so betrayed. Chopper feels more love. And now Nico Robin feels like she has a driven purpose.

I am only on episode 159. The goal is to get to 200. And I am pretty sure I can make it this summer. My brother had told me this show builds. Just like the amazing ocean that the crew explores it is just so vast. They are in Sky Kingdom now or as the show calls it Skypeia and it is massive. It will take me a while but my journey is watching all of One Piece. Well....the show is still going on. I have a long ways to go but love  the progress I have made.

I can't wait for what happens next. Each episode building on one another. Kind of like in life. Oda really captures this in this brilliant and adventurous yet deep anime.