You're not a goddamn squire

Jan 15, 2014, 3:07 PM |

Seriously, squires and Game of Thrones are synonomous. Are they not?

I don't remember, I am really going with they are. They are-they -are. 

Why did I just witness a knight demo most of my villagers. Seriously, goddamn it to fuck knights are dangerous. Take for example my piece placement. It was decent but I forgot the dastardly knight was waiting to attack me. And attack it did if repetition were not fun---then aliens. No really, not aliens but the knight just wanted to have me over for dinner with a lance. One of those spiraly kind of- red and white candy cane ones.

Aw lances you beautifully crafted tournament weapon. And there's the claymore and the broadsword and the scepter? Fuck it! Not the scepter. Not even close.

Come on brain wake up! Just watch out for the knight. Next time he invites you to play chess. Tell him your socks need to be cleaned and the dog needs to be groomed. And your grandma just called you over for tea and crumpets and awesome PB and J's.

Yes, that is what you tell him. You also tell the haters of grammar that commas are pretty flowing conversation.