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Yugi-Oh are you back?

Yugi-Oh are you back?

Jan 3, 2017, 11:35 AM 0

Is it in the heart of the cards? Are the cards back? These are questions to be answered. LOL!


2017 breeds a new year. And it looks like one hell of a start for Yugi-Oh fans. Maybe I am a half fan because I love the art in the show. But I have never seen the whole damn show. Maybe that was my problem all a long . But goddamnit! I friggin made sure to draw him in high school.


I think I may have to draw more Yugi-Oh now.

And the new show well. Hell if I know. I am getting giddy for it. I see it and I am like neato. But the other side of me is like okay we've seen this before. So for now I am like a lukewarm steak with mild anticipation.


happy.png Happy New Year happy.png 

-Onwards to a great 2017 people, Onward! We ride into the future!



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