60 Seconds by "Blindfold King"

60 Seconds by "Blindfold King"

GM TimurGareyev
Jul 13, 2016, 11:12 PM |

Timur Gareyev, 28-years old International Chess Grandmaster born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Nowadays, Timur lives in the USA. "Blindfold King" travelled across the world to share his adventure with our readers today.

·       My favorite color is blue

·       Bell peppers make me happy

·       Lemon water is good for your energy and health

·       My favorite author is Dan Brodsky-Chanfeld who is World Champion Skydiver and the leading skydive coach in the sport

·       Best book I am reading is "How life Imitates Chess" by Garry Kasparov

·       My favorite movie is "Dumb and Dumber 2"

·       My favorite TV series is "Friends"

·       Favorite Actor: Jim Carrey

·       Favorite Actress: Natalie Portman

·       Favorite Music: N.W.A

·       Painter or Artist I admire, definitely Salvador Dali

·       My best result in life so far is being born and staying alive!

·       The best game I have ever played Gareyev- Zapata at G-Tech Atlanta, Georgia 2016

·       Best chess country in the world: Jamaica

·       Favorite Chess Player of all time, my coach Georgi Kontstantinovich Borisenko

·       "Strategy & Tactics" book by Soviet Master Lisitsin impressed me as the level of art and science I must strive for in chess

·       Chess players are good at singing and poetry

·       Oftentimes within one's biggest strength lies the biggest weakness. Chess players derive the creative energy from the intellectual and emotional pursuit. As chess players we must focus consciously to get better at practical lifestyle decisions in everyday life.

·       I appreciate honesty best in people

·       I dislike "helpless hope" in people

·       My supestition in chess is taking my queen out too early, may lead to a crazy game!

·       Three top people I would invite for dinner: Steven Colbert, Valdimir Putin, and Queen Elizabeth.

·       Best piece of advice I was given: "Live the goodness of love!"

·       I would love to learn Mushroom-Picking

·       Favorite place in the world is Napali Coast of Kauai

·       Greatest fascination and fear is swimming in the deep seas of the Indian Ocean.

·       What would I save from my house if it was on fire: A plate of freshly sauteed eggplant

·       I relax as I walk

·       If I could change one thing, I would encourage myself and people around me to do yoga everyday.

·       Stupidest rule in chess is "checkmate" rule, I don't understand why the bare king must get mated every time. Once in awhile the king must checkmate the opponent's queen or a horse

·       The Nationality of the 2050 World Champion will be "North Korean"

·       Knowledge of chess is essential in every day life in decision making and pattern recognition

·       Best thing said about chess: "Chess is like the ocean of fire, you either swim and embrace the turbulent waters, or else you get shackled in the arms of passive anticipation. Listen to the music of Caissa the goddess of chess, timing is everything."