Kopaka Nuva Phantoka

Kopaka Nuva Phantoka

Dec 29, 2007, 4:00 AM |

Set review on Kopka nuva Phantoka


The Mask:

Much like Nuju Metru's mask, but with an odd thing on it: a red see-through pole, a little shorter than a Lego starwars lightsaber. That is neat, and I like it. It has the look of Whenua Metru's Mask, with no bumps on top and a scope. In 2006-07, all the ice Toa's Masks didn't have the scope on it. The scope is somthing I like alot. That is a Bonus for a new style again.


Standard Inika body, with Hahli/Kongu/Jaller Inika Armor on it in what seems like grey. Noting really strange about in. So that is a Fault for old ideas.



Arms and legs have Piraka thigh armor, and Thok legs and Lower leg & arm. White pieces like that have only been seen once sence 2006. So bonus for nice parts, and fault for doing the SAME THING 4 times.



An air Midak blaster with a blade on it. A meeley weapon, as in a sword and blaster. the balls in the Midak are Zamor Spheres [another name, of course], and appear grey in all sets. There are four balls in the blaster. So Bonus for new weapon, and fault for using old amo.



Very nive set. Reminds me of a Toa Mahri, though. Or and inika/Mahri. So thats a fault. I like new sets.



Bonuses: 3


Fualts: 2 1/2 [the amo thing isn't a big deal]


SO: If you have money on your hands [$9.99 USD], and would like some nice Ice parts, great set! If you have less money and plenty on ice pieces and like new things [like me], this wouldn't be a good set.


Extra: Get Solek [6.99 USD] and mount him on Kopaka's back for full action!