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How to achieve an ELO of 1805!!

How to achieve an ELO of 1805!!

Mar 31, 2015, 5:52 AM 0

So, most players without a FIDE or USCF rating probably want to know what their ELO is from a secondary source (other than from chess.com)! Many would have visited http://www.chessmaniac.com/ELORating/ELO_Chess_Rating.shtml 

However, as reliable as that website may be, all we get is a rating, and if that means getting a low rating, then so be it, and the bad rating stays! So, I have take the time to go to this website and complete the 10 puzzles, and have received an ELO rating of 1805. I wanted to take this opportunity through this blog to discuss any of the 10 puzzles. I am open to discussion to any wondering minds or curious chess lovers. Feel free to share thoughts and ideas on why one move is better than another! Through this minor exercise, I hope everyone benefits.

Below, I will post my own inputs that led to 1805.Cool


And of couse:

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