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Is the Bishop more powerful than the Knight? #2

Is the Bishop more powerful than the Knight? #2

Apr 1, 2015, 8:06 PM 1

From my point of view, or rather a beginner's point of view, during the OPENING, bishops cannot do much except development or protect other pieces since they can be easily block by pawns. Knights are better both in defense and offense, not mentioning center control, since they cannot be easily stopped by pawns unless the opponent does not care about their pawn structure. In the MID-GAME, both bishops and knights have potential, however in a greater number of positions, knights are probably easier to use to attack and expolit weaknesses in the opponent's structure, whereas bishops offer greater protection to pieces(defense) and have more potential (positionally speaking). In the END-GAME, when (generally) less pieces are on the board, the bishops cover more squares than the knights, and their ability to maneuver around the whole board may help to gain advantage (positionally) and can help to pin, trap, block other pieces from moving; The knights however in this case become less powerful in that they may get trapped and pinned, and cannot work as a greater outpost compared to that of a pawn and a bishop pair. In terms of CHECKMATE, bishops mostly work as a combination with another/other piece(s), however, knights alone can checkmate depending on situation (smothered mate etc). From a narrow point of view, IT IS a fact that one can mate (force) with just two bishops, however, one cannot force a mate with 2 knights (need min. of 3). That is all I know. :)

Feel free to share your opinion or even just relevant games you've seen or played.

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