Types of Pawns and Structures

Types of Pawns and Structures

Dec 4, 2015, 5:41 AM |

                              Types of Pawns

Various types of pawns

*Connected passed pawn

*Passed pawn

*Backward pawn

*Doubled pawn

*Isolated pawn


*Pawns - Nail

*Pawn chain

The skeleton of the game depends on Pawns and their solid/passive structure.

Not all the " bad " pawns are bad they sometimes help.

Pawns are determind of their weakness and strength.

Connected Pawns

Connected Pawns are Pawns located on adjoining verticles.

Their main features is that the can mutally protect each other.

Therefore they are classified as " good " pawns.

Semi Topic :- Hanging Pawns

Their basic feature is that they are placed on a semi-open lines and the files next to them are empty ( lack of support from their colleagues ).

This usually can be seen on d4 openings.

The next lesson will be one passed pawn! Remeber to swing by!Smile