Rude guy in a tournament

Dec 9, 2014, 8:42 AM |

Here's a little bit of the chat convo, guy to watch out for is jcoffron...


Toptit: you intimidated me to make me play worse... and your moves were robotic...




jcoffron: See, im not gonna get banned. Ive done this many times before and your d*mn right to have resigned cause you're sh*t at chess and are a little p*ssy *ss b*tch.




Toptit: dude what the heck... can anybody report this guy




jcoffron: You have a rating of f*cking 809 you scrub *ss wh*re! I cant believe you can even think your any good at chess!




basmaniac: says the 1120 rated GM




Toptit: only because of people like you...




jcoffron: At least Im not a f*cking 800! Im just done with all of you!




Toptit: ugh me too, leave forever!




jcoffron: You do that f*cker. Im going to a better website cause all of you suck d*ck! I don't even care f you report cause im gonna repoet all of you cocks*ckers!See ya, d*ck munchers!




Toptit: I'm leaving now!

I apologize for the expletives used, but this needs to get out there...