MB reloaded :)

Feb 9, 2012, 8:31 AM |

My blog is turning more and more into a personal Modern Benoni blog. Well, I guess there could be worse things. Cool

Last week has been one of my worst for a long time - fortunately only chesswise. After losing quite badly in the FICS teamleague, I continued to lose my first league game in the team I have been playing for for more than a year now. Well, I guess that had to happen one day, but was it really necessary to be by blundering a rook for nothing before the 20th move, thus avoiding a team win and the top placement of the table of our leugue?

The day after I had another assignment for a TL game, and while I was still wondering if I was turning imbecile already or suffering from some other sort of desease, thankfully my opponent opted not only for 1.d4, but was also man enough to enter the Modern Benoni instead of choosing one of the chicken options along the way. What else to say? If it comes to raising depressive chess spirtits, there's hardly anything like a messy MB game to do the job! Lean back and enjoy: