Team playing is fun!

Dec 15, 2008, 2:06 AM |

Recently I posted my first serious game with a long time control for 5 months. On Sunday, 14th of December, this team round finished, and after some heroic defensive deeds of my teammates we managed to turn the tables and moved from being 0-2 behind to a 3,5-2,5 victory. During my absence the team has grown into a wonderful group of committed players, and this really makes me sure playing there is a worthwhile pastime.

One round before the end of this season it is clear that we won't be able to win the league, but after having finished last or second last for three seasons in row (I believe), this time we will end well into the first half of the table. I am happy about this achievement, which is mainly due to those new players who joined us towards the end of last season and some of the old members who show a stunning performance, especially Pawntificator, who never wanted to play 1st board but scored an awesome 6/7 right there! I still remember the times where he manned 5th board with a rating around 1500, and now he'll be past 2100 in no time. My congratulations, old chap!

Anyone reading this and finding online team play to be something interesting for themselves as well, check out Cool

Cheers, Torkil