A powerful centre and weaknesses in attacking chess

Jun 19, 2011, 1:33 PM |
This post is about two aspects of attacking chess:
(1) Why is it important to control the centre in the opening?
(2) Why and how to create weaknesses
(3) The momentum of the attack.
This is a blitz game, but we played surprisably accurate. I post it to discuss my ideas behind the moves. Starting right out of the opening (that is not interesting in it self, it was a bit odd variation).
Why the centre? A powerful centre can be used in different manners. A rule of thumb is that when your pieces are better organized, then it is time to liquify the centre opening up for the powerful pieces behind.
Why weaknesses, you never know. You will not win without creating weaknesses in the enemy camp.
Why momentum, you do not want the oponent to be able to regroup his defence. Keep him busy.