Rook against Rook


This my personal notes from reading Winning Chess Endgames, by Alburt and Kroguis.

"Rook endgames, wihtout other Pieces, are the second-Most drawish endings. Bishops of opposite color are the most drawish. As usual, the more pawns on the board, the greater the chances of winning." (p 138).

Passive defence

It makes a difference between Rook and knight pawns and others:



The passive defence doesn't works because black cannot activate his rook.  If king was placed on e6, the situation would be different.


Philidor's position

 Important drawing technique

The weaker side should aim for this position to ensure a draw.


1. Prevents the king from the sixth rank unless he pushes the pawn in front of him

2. Shifts the position to the rear to give checks

3. With the pawn on the sixth there is no where to escape.

Later I will present som winning moves.