Rook against rook - Lucena's position

May 15, 2009, 6:55 AM |

Winning by building a bridge (Winning chess endgames).

This position is one to remember. The only thing that can stop white from winning is not knowing how it is done. This position is called the Lucena's position. Weak side want to avoid it and strong ... well. Of course, here is what the strong side will do:


1. Advance the pawn until 7th rank

2. Push the king out of the way.
2.2. Yes, he has to move:

3. Advance the rook to 4th (prepare the bridge)

4. Move the king out of the way

5. Advance the king towards the checking rook (beware to protect the pawn!!)

6. At the right time, use the rook as bridge (protected by the king)