Rou Lopez - the d4! in the exchange variation

Aug 5, 2009, 2:25 PM |

The exchange variation is a tempting variation arising from the "Spanish game" that results in a pawn structure that favours white if it stays like that into the endgame.

The pawn structure favours white. d4 is theory move because when it is echanged (... exd4), then white has majority on the king side, and trusts that black's crippled pawn structure on the queen side will slow the advance.
The strategy is then to transit into an endgame. It will thus be in white favour, however, a lot will happen by then that may alter both pawn structure and balance.
The following is one of my games that goes bad for both players because both misses the best moves.

Look here what could have happened if white followed the theory move:
Here we have the desired pawn structure and two pieces are exchanged closing in on the endgame.
Here is another example later in the game:
White played well, but unfortunately lost on a blunder that will most likely make him sleepless tonight. It was a shame, because the game really belonged to him ... this is spoken as black Laughing