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R.I.P. Bobby Fischer

R.I.P. Bobby Fischer

Jan 19, 2008, 9:24 AM 3
Rest in peace Bobby Fischer, I will always remember you as the artist of chess. And not for what others are jaded by. There is no sense now in your passing to pass judgment or make comments about such things, but to only remember you as a legend of the board. I would just like to comment on his death for a brief moment and mention something that has come to mind in this event. Bobby Fischer died in the place where he had his victory against the Russian chess machine. As well as  perishing at the age of 64, now this bit I will explain. Bobby Fischer was chess, regardless of any speculations or comments on that statement,the chess community and patrons must acknowledge that fact unconditionally. Bobby Fischer passing away at the age of 64 is something to be speculated seeing as how he was chess, and he died with chess. Now let me clarify this remark. When I say he died with chess I do not mean that chess is now dead, I am simply saying that the chess board has how many squares on the board? 64. Bobby Fischer died at the age of 64. That is all I have to say about that. It just makes me think about fate, and destiny.

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