Summer Time Away from The Chessboard

Jul 24, 2011, 8:15 AM |

Sorry folks. It seems I signed up for too many tournaments and didn't realise just how many games were involved or how long they'd take to play; especially when we can only get online for short periods each day.

Sadly, I've topped the group in one of the tournaments (13th Quick Knockouts (1601-1800) - Round 1) but still have to play out four games that will have no bearing on the eventual outcome.

I'll be away for three to four weeks but will try to get online to play my turn when I can.

The three-day tournaments and friendly games should not a problem but the one day per turn could be.

The automatic vacation has already kicked in a couple of times and I was only a little late to make my move. So I lost two days but didn't really have two days off.

If this continues to happen, then I might not bother to login while on the road enjoying the summer.