A little bit about myself.

IM Trendle
Sep 1, 2007, 4:38 AM |

 Hi. So, i've just added chess.com! Oh dear. I only really heard about this site whilst very bored watching 'click' on BBC World in a hotel room in Italy.

 Anyway, I'm Thomas (Tom), an IM from England and 20 years old. I enjoy playing, though I coach a lot as well (well, I have to make some money somehow). I'm currently trying to be a 'chess-pro', which should be interesting!

  Other interests include most sports, especially football (soccer to US), table tennis and poker. I also enjoy reading, chatting online, going out drinking and travelling. The best thing about being a chess player is travelling the world to interesting places, making friends with people from many countries.

  My career highlight to date is 5th= at the very strong Gibtelecom Masters 2007, tied with players such as Michael Adams, Ivan Sokolov etc and ahead of players like Kiril Georgiev and the legendary Victor Korchnoi . I achieved my 1st (and currently only) GM norm. Crosstable below: http://www.gibraltarchesscongress.com/gib2008/archive/2007data/2007mastersxtable.html