Live Broadcasts - Hack Attack highlights!!

IM Trendle

Hi everyone - it's been a while since my last post but I hope you'll understand I've been fairly busy. I've started broadcasting for over on with a new show - "Hack Attack".

The idea is a 2 hour show where I play a mixture of blitz and bullet (3 0 and 1 0) and commentate whilst playing to give you an idea of what I'm doing. The "Hack Attack" part is that at every opportunity I go for a "Hack" or a big attack. Obviously this doesn't happen every game but it does happen quite a lot.

If there are any particularly interesting games then I try to analyse them afterwards on the analysis board. Sometimes this happens straight after the game but if I decide to rematch then it takes place at the end of the broadcast.

The first highlights package from my first show has now been uploaded to's fantastic youtube channel. You can watch it at - to see the other videos as & when they're uploaded I recommend subscribing to's channel at

Any comments/suggestions etc. are very welcome. I'm new to all of this and hopefully my commentary and analysis will improve as the broadcasts continue. To watch them live tune in at 19:00 GMT on Monday evenings over at - if you create a free account and hit 'follow' you will also get an email alert a few minutes before a show goes live!

Below are a few selected games from my last broadcast!


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Also don't forget that if you're online on Monday evenings in the live games arena then you can challenge me and maybe feature in the broadcast or a youtube highlight! See you soon :)