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Aug 8, 2007, 11:49 AM 26

Me and my friend usually go to the local chess club at the university. Once when we were there we were having a tournament and i was winning. So my jealous friend who was filled with envy tried to make me lose by talking out loud and telling me to move this and that. I didn't listen to his advice which was anyway against the rules but it makes me wonder why people chess to the limit and not keep at as a game.

Once when I was just seven or something so I used to be not that good but I used to still beat all my litle buddies. Some guys would just get so pisseed that they lost and start swearing badily!? I used to tell them that it is just a game but they wouldn't listen. Some peeps would quit chess just cuase they lost all the time.

Do u think chess begginers should play with easier players first rarther than hard so they don't go all emotinal? Should chess be taken to heart, or just kept as a game?

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