2400+ in Bullet!

Mar 6, 2016, 8:12 PM |

Finally. I am now rated over 2400 in bullet. This has been one of my online goals for a while and I finally made it today. It was quite an interesting day, most notably because I played 50+ games in a row against IM Kamran Shirazi (ZEN-22). Shirazi starred in the movie "Searching for Bobby Fischer," and has a very unique, attacking style. I have probably played him hundreds of times online and always seem to have trouble against him. 



Here is an example of how aggressively he plays, starting with the first 3 moves of the game. 
After scrambling around a while with IM Shirazi, I got to about 2350 and was able to climb the rest of the way against another player. 
I now have a good reason to take a break from bullet (at least on chess.com), so I will now have more time to do more serious play as well as analysis.
Thanks for taking the time to read!