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Closed Account

May 7, 2015, 8:54 AM 3

   A fellow contender recently had his account closed by chess.com for abuse. This took place a week ago & chess.com finally informed him via email. They did not specify what type of abuse but Ive been informed that he would frequently leave his account open without closing prior going to work. In comes his 18 yr old son whom just sits down & helps himself to his games issuing vulgar remarks & the like. Chess.com was not aware of this & closed his account. Finally over a week goes by & he is informed about the account closure. He had multiple games going on & has since timed out on all of them. He has asked me to convey a message to all of you out there that chess.com does not tolerate account abuse & advises to stop doing it if yr involved w/ any said abuse.

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