Sicilian Jank

Jul 1, 2016, 6:49 PM |

Just played a live game and figured I would attempt to analyze it here. I haven't played the Sicilian much recently (I got beat pretty bad at it a dozen or so games ago so I've been avoiding it). Here I decided to go into it for the first time in awhile. Both my opponent (white) and I misplayed the opening I think, but I managed to come out with the stronger position.

I'm actually not super pleased with my opening play here. Too many early pawn moves that I feel could have been punnished better if White had just developed normally, castled, and then opened the center while I was still trying to find squares for my pieces.

That said, I feel I played a fairly solid middle game. Didn't just trade pieces to trade, and didn't make any tactical missteps.