The Path Towards Chess Obsession

Apr 1, 2009, 7:24 PM |

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I believe I have finally worked out a plan of sorts which will include reading another general beginner's book, a tactics fundamentals book, annotated games, and tactics practice software.

Here's what I've ended up with:

The next hurdle to overcome is some kind of organized approach to all of this. Right now I can dabble as I have time, which considering my family life and responsibilities with work can be pretty slim. More significant is that by the time I have the time to myself, some quiet where I won't be disturbed, it's usually getting late and I'm tired, foggy headed, and I'm not entirely sure that my trudging through my studies with one eye open is going to help much. But I should hopefully be able to carve out an hour (give or take 50 mintues :-P ) to do some chess training every day.

I think the most important things for me to do right now are to do tactics studies and to play through well annotated games. And that's a lot more fun than theory laden narratives, anyway. I already have a couple collections of annotated games, but would love to hear people's suggestions for more. Purdy turned me onto playing through annotated games—he practically glows when talking about them.