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Cumbria league 10-12-16

Dec 10, 2016, 11:45 PM 0
So I have white against an ECF graded 183 player in the Cumbria League (my grade 117!). It is a main line Chigorin Defence where by move 3 I am out of book as not a familiar opening for me. I think my unusual move 5. h3 confused my opponent a little as shortly after there was a big exchange and we arrived in a very drawn position with few chances for activity for either side. From here I just tried to play solid moves and a draw was agreed at move 34. Interestingly at the end 32. ... Nd5+ is a huge blunder by black and allowed white a won endgame. But not appreciating this as material was equal and their were only kings and pawns on the board I agreed a draw!  

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