chess is an obsession that leads to really weird dreams

Jun 27, 2008, 7:07 AM |

I played a game the other day, in which i accidentally stalemated my opponent instead of checkmating him. I didn't think it bothered me to find that i had drawn the game, in fact i admired my opponents ability. But later that day as i was trying to sleep i found myself obsessing about the game. I lay awake for a good two hours trying to picture how i could have won the game instead simply of drawing it. when i finally nodded off, i had a very peculiar dream... I was the black king but i had distinct feeling that i was a fake, a liar and felt no triumph or sense of victory from maneuvering my opponent into a stalemate. on a giant multicoloured chess board, i was trapped by the giant white pieces, the queen, the bishop and the rook, just like my game. fortunately, i was awakened by brother ringing my mobile(not half an hour after i had fallen asleep), as he had managed to lock himself out of the house, again.

this dream tells me two things,

1)it seems that i care a lot more about chess than i thought i did!