Omens of (greater) disaster...

Mar 15, 2012, 12:23 AM |

I have good news and bad news for you guys... 

where do you want me to start....good news or bad news..?

okay... whether you like it or not... I'll start with the bad news... Even you want me to start with the good news... You dont even had a choice... :D 

(Note: You may want to close your eyes while your reading it)

okay... here's the bad news... the world will end in 2012... and as we all know... its 2012!... how exciting! 

(As far as i could say... This is a very bad news to everyone of us who enjoys life... D:  Unless im just joking...)

As we all notice... unexpected disasters are happening from time to time... From fierce hurricanes to earthquakes of mass destruction... And some people are like "OHMAGOSHWHATSHAPPENING?!?" and others are like "OHMAGOSHITSTHEENDOFTHEWORLD!"... And as we know, the mayans predicted that the world will end this year... They're so smart that they created a calendar just by looking at the night sky... (cool, huh?) If you watched the movie "2012" maybe you'll have an idea on what will happen later on this year... So get yourselves ready... read a book with survival tips or you could do what this man did in order to survive --------------> :

If the doomsday is true... we'll all be dead

Luckily, This is just an IPhone glitch... :D

okay...enough of it already... let's go on with the good news... 

Well, the good news is... im just joking :D You can still enjoy life (If im wrong, we'll all be dead too... :S ) 

No one can predict when the world will end... no matter how smart they are 

Many had tried to predict the end of the world and as a result, it was an epic fail

And to those who think the series of disasters are signs... well, they're just natural... Deadly storms may come, Earthquakes may rattle the city, Everyone of us had already experienced those scary and tragic moments... but it doesnt mean its the end... 

But that's not the thing I want to say to you guys... I just want to say good night to all of us... :D and always remember that :

"There's always a rainbow after the storm... And a tsunami after an earthquake" :D