USATE Results

Feb 21, 2013, 1:48 PM |

I attended the U.S. Amateur Team East tournament with my high school team, St. Joseph, and we scored 2 points. I finished with 2 points, but I feel I should have scored at least 4.5. I played better than my results suggest. Here are my games:

Round 1-

I should have won that. Instead, I dropped a knight.
Round 2-
I should have drawn that one, but I bounced back in Round 3

 Round 4-
That was a tough one. I already posted round 5 in a previous blog entitled "The Game of My Life (until move 32)",so feel free to look at that.
Round 6-
Like I said earlier, I feel I played much better than my results suggest. I should have finished with 4.5 points instead of 2.