Brooklyn Castle "Giving Props" to Teachers

Nov 9, 2012, 5:51 AM |

The importance of the movie Brooklyn Castle for USCF, and the chess community as a whole, is what it is doing to spread the word about the value of chess in education. To see how the film is being inserted into the larger conversation about  education reform, a great OpEd piece ran in yesterday's New York Post.

Teachers also got their "props" when The Daily Show on Comedy Central promoted the film last night.

The film's distribution team has had some generous donors underwrite free tickets for any school teacher who wants to see this inspiring film. All the teacher has to do is show up at the box office with a valid teacher ID or union card.

The offer is valid through November 15 in these markets: New York City (Elinor Bunin Cinema at Lincoln Center), Landmark's E Street Cinema in Washington DC, Century Cinema in Chicago, Cedar Lee Cinema in Cleveland, Laemmle's Monica 4 in Santa Monica and in Claremont and at Grauman's Chinese in Hollywood. 

From November 16 through November 22 the offer will be valid at  Landmark's Opera Plaza San Francisco, Shattuck in Berkeley, CA, Ritz in Philadelphia and Kendall Square in Boston and then  November 21 through 29 at the Plaza Frontenac in St. Louis. 

If you have teacher friends in any of these markets who should know more about the value of chess, do let them know about this generous offer. And even if they don't think they'd be interested in a movie about a chess team, tell them (and all of your friends) they'll love it. As one reviewer put it:

"... it honestly makes no difference if you don’t even know the rules of chess and have never visited New York; this is a story about human potential and the lingering possibilities of the American dream."

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