Chess Life Preview - June 2016

Chess Life Preview - June 2016

Jun 11, 2016, 5:04 PM |
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Karjakin Set to Challenge Carlsen

by GM Alejandro Ramirez

Grandmaster Alejandro Ramirez recaps the highlights of the Candidates Tournament, including Caruana's all-out attempt for a win in the final round, Nakamura's touch move controversy, and Karjakin's impressive resilience throughout the competition. 

Yifan Dominant

by GM Ian Rogers

"If there was any doubt about the identity of the best female player in the world, 22-year-old Hou Yifan erased it with a 6-3 victory over Mariya Muzychuk in Muzychuk's home town of Lviv in Ukraine."

Can you find the extremely tactical drawing combination that Muzychuk played in Round 4?

2016 Inductees to U.S. and World Chess Hall of Fame

"Ashley and Kamsky have both made a tremendous impact on the chess world. Both highly accomplished players, Ashley has broadened the visibility of chess among key audiences, and Kamsky has demonstrated the unique ability to sustain a high caliber of play over more than three decades."

Webster Makes It Four in a Row

by Al Lawrence

"Webster University is on its way to becoming what UCLA and Kentucky are to basketball. Winning the college championship playoff four times in succession equals a landmark chess record set 20 years ago. Winning it every time since the founding of your program, as Webster University has done is a nonpareil."
Left to right: Doug Goldstein, GM Liem Le, GM Vasif Durarbayli, GM Illia Nyzhnyk, Organizer Mark Herman, Provost Julian Schuster, GM Susan Polgar,
GM Ray Robson, GM Fidel Corrales Jimenez, and Paul Truong. Missing is Alex Shimanov, who was still playing. 

by GM Andy Soltis
              "Imagine that you got off a train in an unfamiliar city. You need directions so you stop a passerby and ask how to get to your destination.
              'Deserving attention is to go three blocks to the left,' he replies.
              Then he pauses and adds, 'Also possible is one block to the right.'
              After another pause: 'Worthy of consideration is four blocks straight ahead.'
              You'd think you are in a strange country. You are. You're in Annotation-land.
              It's a realm that has its own quaint laws, tribal customs, and a form of language unknown anywhere else on the planet."

"False Friends"
by GM Daniel Naroditsky

"A false friend in chess is an idea, method, or concept that is valid in one type of position, but that a player mistakingly applies in another."

"An Old Spanish Game"
by Bruce Pandolfini
"An old game from one of the oldest variations in one of the oldest openings."

Review: Understanding Rook Endgames
by John Hartmann

If you see a good move, try to find a better one. 
by GM Lev Alburt
Grandmaster Lev Alburt analyzes an instructive reader-annotated game. 
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