Chess Life Preview - March 2016

Chess Life Preview - March 2016

Mar 18, 2016, 4:54 PM |
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Master Max:
The Latest Prodigy to Break the Record for Youngest US Chess Master
by Jamaal Abdul-Alim
"Out of all my students, Max has show the most promise through his natural talent and dedication."
Jamaal Abdul-Alim discusses Max's impressive story and study habits. What's next for this incredibly talented 10 year old?

Tactical Fun
at the Eastern Open
by Tom Beckman
Solve tactical highlights from GMs and experts alike. Can you find the author's best combination in the tournament?


The Struggle
by Pete Karagianis

"The secret is not to stop."

Pete Karagianis, a National Master from the Midwest, shares his perspective on the trials and successes of competitive chess. 

His eloquently-written account discusses many experiences every chessplayer encounters, including tournament pressures, rating plunges, and the search for strong competition at local chess clubs and opens. 

My Best Move:
GM Alejandro Ramirez 
Can you find the idea that earned Alejandro a tiebreak match for the U.S. Championship with GM Gata Kamsky?

View these excellent articles and more, including columns by GM Andy Soltis, GM Daniel Naroditsky, GM Lev Alburt, and Bruce Pandolfini, in the digital edition of Chess Life Magazine (March 2016).