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Rapid Success from Vegas and Berlin: Nakamura and Carlsen

Rapid Success from Vegas and Berlin: Nakamura and Carlsen

Oct 14, 2015, 12:01 AM 3

 GM Nakamura vs. Kamsky at Millionaire Chess


The only FIDE rating list where Magnus Carlsen doesn’t tower over his competitors is rapid chess. That honor currently belongs to Hikaru Nakamura -- by a 3 rating point margin.

Over the weekend, both players battled in momentual rapid matches--on opposite sides of the world.


Millionaire Chess: Nakamura battles to the top. 

Tactic #4

How did Nakamura convert his better position into a material advantage?



World Rapid Championship: Carlsen is the first player in history to win two years in a row

Tactic #5

In the endgame, often the more advanced passed pawn determines the winner. How did Carlsen turn his into a victory?

Read the full article, including more tactics and the recent successes of Nakamura and Carlsen, at US Chess News:

Rapid Success from Vegas to Berlin: Nakamura and Carlsen

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