US Chess League - Best Game and Week 5 Matchups

Sep 21, 2015, 7:01 PM |

The judges chose National Master Ilya Krasik's victory over Dennis Li as the best game of Week 4. Can you solve the winning tactic of the game?

See the full game and judges' thoughts:

Here are the Week 5 Matchups, starting tomorrow:

September 22
Cobras (CAR) vs. Knights (NY) - 7 pm
Nor'easters (NE) vs. Dreadnoughts (CN) - 7:15 pm
Sharks (Miami) vs. Applesauce (MAN) - 7:30 pm
Sluggers (SEA) vs. Tornadoes (LUB) - 8:30 pm 
Blizzard (MIN) vs. Desert Rats (LV) - 8:45 pm 

September 23
Kings (ATL) vs. Inventors (PHI) - 7:15 pm
Knockouts (NJ) vs. Blitz (BOS) - 7:30 pm
Mechanics (SF) vs. Destiny (DAL) - 8:30 pm
Scorpions (AZ) vs. Ospreys (RIO) - 9 pm
Arch Bishops (STL) vs. Surfers (SD) 9 pm

Currently, the Knights lead the Eastern Division by a half point. Fide Master Nicholas Checa has been a significant contributor to this: He's accumulated 16.5 points and is the lead scorer in the league.  

The Knights have a substantial rating advantage over their opponents this week, the Cobras, of 122 points. However, the Cobras will be eager achieve an upset victory and dethrone the Knights. 

In the Western Division, there is a five way tie between the Desert Rats, the Sluggers, the Destiny, the Blizzard, and the Machanics. Four of these teams face off this round:  

The Blizzard vs. The Desert Rats 
On the the top board, Grandmaster Enrico Sevillano of the Desert Rats will face Grandmaster Mauricio Flores of the Blizzard. A big contributor to the Desert Rats high score is Fide master Elliott Liu on board 3, who's gained 11.5 points and is the second scorer of the league. He will face IM Andrew Tang tomorrow.

The Mechanics vs. The Destiny
Leading the Destiny on the top board is International Master Jeffery Xiong, who will face Fide Master Cameron Wheeler. On second board, Fide Master Ruifeng Li (DAL) will face International Master David Pruess (SF).

Watch the games live on the Internet Chess Club, starting tomorrow at 7pm.