US Chess League - Week 4

US Chess League - Week 4

Sep 15, 2015, 7:27 PM |

Week 4 of the US Chess League began today.

The leading team, the New England Nor'easters, face their biggest rival of the Eastern Division, the New York Knights. 

So far, the match is tied.  

Board 1: GM Alexander Ivanov (NE) has drawn against GM Mark Paragua (NY).

Board 2: IM Alexander Katz (NE) has lost to GM Pascal Charbonneau (NY)

Board 4: National Master Carissa Yip (NE) has won against Joshua Bromberg (NY). 

The game between FM Charles Riordan (NE) and FM Nicolas Checa (NY), the lead scorer in the league, will decide the match. 


Here's the full list of tonight's matchups:

1. New England Nor'easters vs. New York Knights

2. Manhattan Applesauce vs. Carolina Cobras

3. Miami Sharks vs. Philadelphia Inventors

4. Connecticut Dreadnoughts vs. Boston Blitz

5. Minnesota Blizzard vs. Rio Grande Ospreys

 Here are the Sept. 16 matchups:

6. New Jersey Knockouts vs Atlanta Kings 7:30 PM EST
7. Dallas Destiny vs Lubbock Tornadoes 8:00 PM EST
8. Seattle Sluggers vs St. Louis Arch Bishops 8:45 PM EST
9. Las Vegas Desert Rats vs San Francisco Mechanics 9:00 PM EST
10. Arizona Scorpions vs San Diego Surfers 9:30 PM EST
Who are you rooting for?


Watch live commentary of the games by IM Greg Shahade tonight on Twitch TV


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