What's the Best Chess Film of the Year?

What's the Best Chess Film of the Year?

Feb 28, 2016, 10:35 AM |

In honor of tonight's Oscars, let's take a look the best chess films of the year. The nominees are...

The King's Pawn

A short film featuring "a fictional take on the Man vs. Machine matches from the 90s, and it is rather unique among chess-themed films in its sensitivity to chess detail."

-International Master Eli Vovsha

Watch the entire short film, The King's Pawn

Chess State: The Movie

An inspiring documentary about the competitive chess scene in Illinois and the rich chess culture of the entire state

Watch the Chess State trailer.


Rico Rodriguez makes an unlikely chess prodigy as he overcomes adversity and leads his school chess team to the state championship. 

Le Tournoi (French)

"Budapest International Chess Tournament. The most likely winner: Cal Fournier (22), French champion, immature genius, socially awkward, compulsive player. But this time, an unusual 9-years-old Hungarian opponent disrupts this smooth-running routine."


Pawn Sacrifice 

A feature film about Bobby Fischer's life story, starring Tobey Maguire.

Which would you vote for?

Is there another chess film from 2015 that should make the list?

Let us know. 


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