World Cup Final: Tactical Mayhem

World Cup Final: Tactical Mayhem

Oct 6, 2015, 5:18 PM |

On Friday night, the World Cup seemed like it was over. After two straight wins in the final, Peter Svidler was just a single draw away from the title. 

In Game 1, Svidler's active pieces exploited tactical weaknesses in Karjakin's position. 

Tactic #1

Karjakin has just played 22...Qe6, which Svidler considered, "the last mistake". How did he take advantage?

In Game 2, Karjakin pressed for the win most of the game. In the face of Svidler's excellent defense, Karjakin took some risks and refused to accept an equal position. Trying to take advantage of Svidler's time trouble, Karjakin then made a terrible blunder, 37. Rb5:

Tactic #2

Svidler is a knight ahead, but it seems like Karjakin will get the material back because of the pin on Black's rook. How did Svidler to keep the extra piece?

At this point, when just one draw in the next two games would lose the match, Karjakin started an impressive comeback.

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