The 666 Beast

The 666 Beast

Dec 11, 2011, 1:28 AM |

The Dalai Lama is just a powerless cockroach. He teaches that killing grasshoppers, ants, termites and other pests makes you develop hurting instincts, therefore, not considered as a good doctrine in Buddhism. He also scare people telling them that there is God, so people will be like Johnny B. Good. He does not believe in God, he just uses this word to make people behave.  He shaves his head so he can resist temptations from ladies.  He doesn't know that he is already ugly even if he has hair.  And he wear long dresses, why not just mini skirts?

Muslim clerics at this point of time are but standup comedians trying to uphold their so called Qur'an, a book of lunatics written by bastards and assholes. They preach that their Allah is God.  How could it be when their Allah is not the Father of Jesus Christ?  Allah of Islam once reincarnated into pigs, he is but a low class shithead with his power that comes from his armpit. Allah of Islam is Butthead of buttheads, that is why when Muslims pray to him, they offer their butts with a loud fart!  And they have respect to pigs because their ancestors possessed pigs during the olden times. Secondly, they themselves look like pigs!

As for Pope Benedict XVI, is he not the Chief of the Church of the Dead?  When he gives mass, he calls on Santi Bernabi, Pauli, Ramoni, Santiagi, Juani, Lorenzi, Roberti and all saints of the dead.  Good, Santi Joe Satriani is not included. What about Karpovi and Kasparovi, not yet?

This holy asshole, Popi Benedicti, also teaches people to worship fairies which are actually demons like "Our Lady of Fatima", "Our Lady of Guadalupe", "Lady of the Rule", "Lady of Lourdes", "Lady of Mount Carmel", and all sluts and bitches from hell!

Therefore, Pope Benedict XVI is the strongest candidate as "The 666 Beast"!

Whom he and his archbishops ordain as kings, queens, princes and princesses are but bastards and pieces of shit!

The Roman Catholic Church owns too many properties in the whole world other than the Vatican. When time comes that humanity learns that this stupid church is evil, this sanctuary of Satan would certainly make peoples' lives hard.  This demonic church would certainly persecute Christians!

So, who do you think is "The 666 Beast?"

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And if you don't mind, may I ask, "What is inside Pope Benedicts' Mung Bean Sprout look alike hat, Soy Sauce?"