Albin Countergambit - Lasker Trap


Your Queen’s Gambit (1.d4 d5 2.c4) playing opponent, will probably expect you to politely decline his offer with 2. ..c6, 2. ..e6, or simply accept the gambit pawn with 2. ..dxc4. But once in a while they might face a real gambit player who says: “I don’t want your pawn, and I don’t need my own pawn either – here’s a countergambit!” Or one who doesn’t say anything but just plays 2. ..e4 – the Albin Countergambit. 

In general this gambit creates good counterplay for Black and some chances for attack. But if your opponent isn’t familiar with this variation, he could even become another victim of the Lasker trap, as happened to my unfortunate adversary. Enjoy below miniature.

Conclusion: You can't count on your opponent falling into the Lasker Trap of course. But even without it, the Albin Countergambit is a fine opening for the attacking player. And if it's an opening that becomes part of your standard repertoire, the Lasker Trap is a line you should know by heart.