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Gibbins-Wiedehagen Gambit

Sep 9, 2013, 1:04 PM 4

Nothing an “Indian Game” player likes more than see you open with 1.d4. Until you meet his instant Nf6 with 2.g4. That’s the start of the Gibbins-Wiedehagen Gambit (A45), also known as Maltese Falcon Attack, Bullfrog Gambit or Queen Pawn Game: Bronstein gambit. After putting aside his disbelief about your clearly unsound opening choice, he might happily snap of the free pawn, or distrust your strange move and go for the declined variation. My opponent below chose for the second option. If you also wonder about my strange opening taste, please read my introductory blogpost “Exploring the Unsound”, or just enjoy the following game. It’s a game with far from perfect play on both sides, but might just intrigue you about the possibilities of this opening.

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