A Moment in Your Eyes

Sep 19, 2016, 2:35 AM |

Feel this moment of My love

It could never be enough

Feel this moment still in time

When your heart and soul are mine


Bring that heart and soul to rest

Come and lie here on my chest

Feel the safest haven known

Know my heart like you know your own


For every moment you've been mine

Another day stood still in time

Another way I soared and climbed

Another moment I have shined


Like an angel in my hands

The softest voice beside the Man 

The greatest love beside to stand

We were born for love's demands


Like an ocean here I am

I am drawn to your soft sand

Feel my gentle waves on shore

Brave the fury of the storms


For every moment there inside

For every moment in your eyes

Another dream with every tide

Another wave comes here to die


 By ~~ The Unbridled One