When You're Brain Storming, Write It Down

When You're Brain Storming, Write It Down

Sep 24, 2016, 5:20 AM |

The Rain

The Thunder

The Moments The Sun Breaks Through




   Quarter Past The Pain 


You're a quarter past the pain 

Could you ever love again 

Dance through the thunder and the rain 

You must have suffered so my friend 


Is the weather on your mind 

Is it a quarter past unkind 

Don't just peek out through the blinds 

Go and drench yourself this time 


Are you a quarter past the fear 

Could I comfort that last tear 

I have a special place in mind 

And it's a quarter past divine 


I am thunder,I am rain 

I can wet your thirsts again 

Catch my raindrops before they die 

They're just a quarter past your eyes 


I am thunder,you are meek 

I will spend your body weak 

There'll be a moment,though so brief 

We'll be a quarter past belief 


Across your heart I'll sign my name 

Please don't swear we're all the same 

Take a chance I'm not to blame 

Embrace the love,the friend,the flame 


Though others try to lay their claim 

They're just a quarter past mundane 

I'll have you drunk on all this rain 

And that's a quarter past insane 


It's a quarter past your pain 

You've soaked up every drop of rain 

As I caress your mind and flesh 

I'm just a quarter past tenderness 


You're a quarter past your breath 

With your hands above your head 

Look at just how much I love you 

And how you love me back to death. 


I know it's a crazy hurtful world 

Those waves can crush you in their curl 

But there is beauty in the world 

Sometimes the waves expose a pearl 


I'm a quarter past in love 

But I swear that ain't enough 

I needed God from up above 

To tell me angels do make love 


Though I am rain,and I am Thunder 

It is you who are the wonder 

Lying there,half under covers 

Just a quarter past discovered 


Just a quarter past all lovers.... 


By ~ The Unbridled One


( ©2002 all rights reserved )





Could I be SupermanTomorrow as you've imagined me 

Convictions tearing through a suit that made you a fan of me 

I'm tired of always flying high without a care in me 

Always looking down at all that's passing me 


I don't feel any kind of pain 

Inside this suit that looks so vain 

But all the heroes say the same, 

It's kind of hard to leave the game 


Could I be SupermanTomorrow 

Would I cause them too much sorrow 

I have some suits that they can borrow 

I'll have to tell them where they are though 



Could I be SupermanTomorrow as you've imagined me 

I'm not feeling much like me today in this suit of vanity 

So I keep it hanging in a closet praying you won't be mad at me 

Or even worse,look away so sad that it just crushes me 


I know I run the chance you might laugh or even want a piece of me 

It still doesn't make me wanna run inside a booth and put that cape on me 

I still hold truth,love and honor very close to me 

I'm hardly any different from all those pictures you've ever seen of me 


Flying so long alone has put this fear in me 

Yes even Superman can get scared,But now you all can see 

While I was looking down,and everything was passing me 

I was thinking,how they ever gonna know the real wonder of me 


I wanna walk inside a booth and get a load of me 

Picking up a phone, reaching for a quarter on me 

Saying I'll be home by maybe a quarter to three 

Send someone my love, and still walk out just me 


I'm still more powerful than any smoking locomotive 

But I won't go head to head without a real good motive 

And I still point up at buildings tall in ever single town 

But I can't promise, while they were looking up, I wouldn't tippy toe around 


So could I be SupermanTomorrow as you've imagined me 

Convictions tearing through a suit that couldn't last on me 

And at the risk you might mistaken who I am without that "S" on me 

Introducing "SupermanTomorrow", the better part of me 




So could I be SupermanTomorrow, 

Could I brave the pain 

Feel every kind of sorrow 

And still go on and love again 


Would every hero marvel 

How no one cried the same 

Would every hero I know 

Think that Superman's insane 


So could I be SupermanTomorrow as you've imagined me 

Would you get teary eyed folding up this suit for me 

Picture stars stars stars but not a glimpse of me. 

While you were looking up, something in your eyes just got to me 


So turn around and come and rest your eyes on me 

Imagine wild wild horses and they're running free 

Picture wild wild horses drinking from the heart of me 

And you're the only one seeing wild horses deep inside of me... 


By ~~The Unbridled One


( ©2002 all rights reserved )