Important Thing

Important Thing

Sep 21, 2017, 12:23 PM |

I leaved all groups,  which is not mine.  I, m sorry.  I must explaine why


This is a great chess site no doubt,  but some Things I Don, t like here. 

One of them is,  that nobody return to me the points, that I, m losing,  playing against the cheaters. For me this is very important Thing. Very important.  


So I leaved great Groups like Team Bulgaria,  Veselin  Topalov Chess Club and many others.  I, m sorry.  But I cannot take the responsibility for the games,  who I have to play for other groups,  except the mine. 

This is all. 

When Chess. com change his sick politics about the cheaters around,  I will change my vision too. 


Thanks .